Qido is a creative platform that allows users to choose an artwork, upload their photo, and receive a version of their own.

It allows the user to browse through an array of Artworks. If a user is maybe a Justin Bieber Fan,he can simply access a season that has Justin Bieber inspired artworks which translate his lyrics,image and the theme of the Album. So maybe the user comes across an artwork that displays Justin drawn in an up-beat contemporary style,with some splash and Cool theme surrounding the artwork. He or she finally decides to choose it,because 1' the artwork is inspired by his latest album or its a reference to her favorite song.

Next, They will be taken to a page, that allows them to upload their own photo( it could be a selfie for example). When the image is successfully uploaded to the server. Using our Automated-Workflow, the user will receive their photo, which resembles the artwork they have chosen prior.

The moment when the user sees the final product is priceless! And that's what we pretty much want. It makes us happy, and it keeps us going. QiDo is used mostly by the youth, Cause they love the thought of turning their photos into meaningful and expressive art and sharing them on their social networks.

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